At Purple Martin Supply (TT Enterprises) we focus on respecting and protecting your privacy. We have developed a safe enviroment in which you can purchase products and being rest assured that we use the latest technology to keep your information safe.

What do we use the Information We Collect For?

The only purpose for the information we collect is to contact you about your orders and to process your orders. In no way will we use your information for any other purpose.

On occassion, we may send out an email for a new product that we have. However, you will have an option to opt out on that list for the future so that you do not feel as though you are being spammed with unwarranted emails. We respect your privacy!

Do we share you information?

In no way will your information ever be shared with anyone outside of Purple Martin Supply. Again, we respect your privacy and uphold a high degree for customer satisfaction. We feel by doing this, we would be violating the trust which you have instilled in us when you have purchased products from our company.

How do we process credit cards?

Credit cards are processed through PayPal which is the largest and most secure payment processing company on the internet.

A Note to Buyers:

We ensure to you that shopping with Purple Martin Supply is 100% safe. In fact, shopping with us is far safer than using a credit card at a local restaurant or department store. Feel free to give us a try and you will see for yourself that we take security of credit card processing very seriously and ensure that it is 100% Risk Free! We look forward to you becoming one of our customers!

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