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Purple Martin Houses

8 Family Purple Martin House
12 Family Purple Martin House
16 Family Purple Martin House
10 Family Purple Martin House

Purple Martin Gourds

Bo Gourd
Bo Nine Gourd
Bo Eleven Plus Gourd
Bo Villa Gourd
Double Gourd
Whistle Gourd

Purple Martin Racks

Single Gourd Rack
Double Gourd Rack
Fountain Rack - 2 3/8"
Fountain Rack - 3 1/2"
Ultimate Gourd Rack
Multiple House Rack
Gourd Rack Six
Multiple Gourd Rack

Purple Martin Poles

Quad-Tel Pole
EzLift Pole - 2 3/8"
EzLift Pole - 3 1/2"
Round Pole
Tri-Tel Pole


Purple Martin Decoy
Predator Guard
Purple Martin Door
Purple Martin Door Plugs
Tri-Tel Pole Sleeve
Round Pole Sleeve


Purple Martin Bronze Package
Purple Martin Silver Package
Purple Martin Gold Package
Monthly Special
Bo Eleven Plus Gourd
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Bo Eleven Plus Gourd

Do you need some large gourds for your ever expanding purple martin roost? This is a great new and innovative gourd on the market. It is one or the largest which has an eleven inch diameter nesting area. The Bo Eleven Plus has a large inspection/cleaning hole for easy maintenance and viewing of your purple martin nests. Also, do not worry about flooding with this gourd, it has a very good draining system which allows for healthy purple martins!


  • One of the largest Gourds on the Market!
  • Can be used for purple martins, blue birds, and tree swallows
  • Round and Crescent optional shaped doors
  • Round and Crescent shaped door plugs
  • A Textured Non-slip Interior
  • A Large Oval Clean-Out and Inspection Port
  • Comes with Hanger Top Turns to allow the Gourd to swivel
  • Dry Nest Draining System
  • Easily Mounted on Any Rack
  • Rack is NOT included
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